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Duo Xtreme Mountain Bike Race

Riding a Bike

October is a warm month for Bonaire. This is the perfect time to hop on a bike and go for a ride. On 23rd October, 2016, Bonaire will host its annual duo mountain bike race. No need to face the slopes alone – drag a friend with you. You and your partner will have the option of two routes: a Pro Route, 31 miles/51 kilometres, and an Xtreme route, 47/71 kilometres.

Can you handle the Xtreme? Keep in mind, this race is not for the faint of heart.
The race is begins promptly at 6:30am on Sunday morning, and requires much preparation and training. You must have good stamina in order to compete, but thankfully, there are no requirements to be a spectator. Anyone can observe the athletes dare to ride out either of these courses.

Lunch is served at 1 to participants of the race while prizes and awards are distributed. Cash prizes of up to $400 for first place, can be awarded.

For visitors to the island, the race offers a unique photo opp. You can get some awesome action shots with Bonaire’s picturesque backdrop. Even if you’re not a bike fan, take the time to come out and support the athletes!

For information on routes, rules and registration, along with package options, please visit http://www.bonairextreme.com/